Strange Ways To Use 30 Most Common Household Things In Your Garden!

Learn 30 Things That Can Make Your Garden Better! 1. Cardboard and Newspapers Must you have cardboards and newspapers? Do you know you can use them in your garden? From putting them into the compost to suppressing weeds or this DIY newspaper seed starter, there are many ways. Find out more cardboard uses here! 2. Wine […] […]

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Win a FREE 1 Month Subscription to UOG’s Monthly Seed & Garden Club! Everything is delivered to you at just the right time of the year. [All based on your grow zone – growing conditions – garden location – preferences – and more!] Now is the perfect time to join as we are currently […] […]

Upgrade Your Garden With These 19 Cheap Homemade Decor Projects

“Does your garden need a little refreshment? If you have no idea of how to upgrade your garden and add some life to it, not to worry. We have these awesome DIY Cheap Garden Decor Ideas to solve your problem. It’s always fun to make creative and unique outdoor garden projects. Your garden is the place for outdoor activities, fun BBQ […] […]

CropSwap is Hosting a FREE Seed Club Giveaway!

Our friends at CropSwap are hosting another giveaway! Enter to win a FREE 3 Month Subscription to our Monthly Seed & Garden Club. Entering is fast and easy! Just head on over to their Instagram page at, to enter. Good-luck! To LEARN MORE about our Monthly Seed & Garden Club, please visit us at: […] […]

WIN a FREE 3 Month Subscription to UOG’s Monthly Seed Club!

// […]

Vertical Gardening – 11 ways to get your vegetables to grow up

TIP 1– Soft, pouch-type containers are best for shallow roots like herbs, onions and succulents. Plants such as strawberries, lettuces and bushy veggies such as peppers like a larger, more rigid container. Tomatoes do best in large pots with some kind of support, like a cage. TIP 2– Some kits have self-watering systems, but Forster […] […]

How to grow stuff: everything the novice gardener needs to know

“If I were to plot my journey as a gardener, it would start with a basil plant from Tesco. I kept it on the windowsill of my university hall bedroom (it could have easily become an ashtray if left in the kitchen) and, when I came home in those cerulean-hued nights of summer term, its […] […]

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ORDER BEFORE 11:59 PM PST November 4th to receive a shipment THIS MONTH! Grow food ALL-YEAR-ROUND with us! Now is the perfect time to start stockpiling seeds for your fall, winter and even early spring gardens!All of our seed club members will be receiving varieties that are perfect for growing during the cooler months. […] […]

We’re on SNAPCHAT! [Let’s Get Snapping]

We want to be where our fans and fellow gardeners are, so we’ve headed over to snapchat and created an account! We hope you’ll share all of your awesome gardening successes/tips/and learning experiences with us over there. Let’s be friends! Just use the snap code below to quickly and easily add us and see more great […] […]

Start Planning Your Fall and Winter Gardens NOW!

Now is the time to start planting seeds for your fall/winter gardens. Let our Garden Guru’s hand select popular heirloom, GMO-FREE varieties for you to start each month, customized to your location and grow zone! (Think frost hardy crops or varieties that can be grown indoors such as sprouts, lettuces, leafy greens and MORE!) Sign […] […]