This Newark Couple is Transforming a Vacant Lot into a Community Garden

NEWARK, NJ — For the past 15 years, Lot 50 on Grafton Avenue in the city’s North Ward has been a wasteland of syringes and garbage, bringing down the community’s morale. Those days are coming to an end, according to Bilal and Breonna Walker, two educators who are transforming the lot into a community project unlike any […] […]

Despite abrupt end to senior year, this student’s urban garden project has lasting impact

On March 13, Gov. Ralph Northam ordered schools closed in the interest of public safety. With the schoolhouse shuttered, many high school seniors are saying goodbye to their public school legacy without many commemorations. But one Norfolk Collegiate senior got to end the abrupt school year by celebrating pollinators and the native plants that support […] […]

Top Private School Teaches Students to Farm, Forage and Live Sustainably

According to a class draft, the two-year course, called “Living with the Land”, will combine “traditional building, cooking and craft skills with aspects of ecology, sustainability and community.” The three modules will be “shelter, food and craft.” “By stripping things back to these basic necessities, we aim to equip students with the skills and understanding […] […]

Cincinnati’s urban farmers cross-pollinate nutrition, community to grow sustainable neighborhoods

CINCINNATI — Domonique Peebles grew up in Louisville, Kentucky growing food in his backyard, taking what he and his family couldn’t eat themselves and giving to his neighbors and family friends. “We would always grow more than we could actually eat,” he said. “I asked my dad one time, ‘Why do we do this?’ and […] […]

Should Children Be Taught How To Grow Food As Part Of Their Schooling?

Our children live in a fast-paced society, and their life has become much easier than the one we were used to. I know countless applications that can do their tasks and assignments instead of them, and they can type just a few words on their computers and find everything they need, without having to jog […] […]

Alemany Farm is San Francisco’s Urban Farming Oasis

We’ve all passed a formerly vacant lot, only to see it’s been seized and taken over by gardeners. There are rows of vegetables, maybe a few flowers and a sculpture of some sort. The sculpture in San Francisco’s Alemany Farm is a full-sized windmill. That should tell you everything you need to know about its […] […]

Green gardens sprouting from vacant lots. Urban farmers hope to grow city’s economy.

Tobias Fox watches a grey cat slink behind a raised garden bed. In a blink, the furry feline nearly pounces on a squirrel digging through garlic cloves. “It’s like the nature channel,” Fox says with a laugh. “The cats keep us rodent-free.” Situated next to an abandoned home and in the shadow of the Cathedral […] […]

Philly’s gardening community gets a chance to grow urban farming throughout city

There’s a push to make urban farming in Philadelphia more sustainable, and the city is asking residents to help them map out a plan. Before the city puts out an urban farming plan, they’re getting feedback on people’s gardening habits. “Let us know where they’re gardening, where they’re urban farming, where are their projects. We’re […] […]

Cuba’s Urban Farming Shows Way to Avoid Hunger​

When countries run short of food, they need to find solutions fast, and one answer can be urban farming. That was the remedy Cuba seized with both hands 30 years ago when it was confronted with the dilemma of an end to its vital food imports. And what worked then for Cuba could have lessons […] […]

4 out of 5 Native American women are survivors of domestic or sexual violence. A Colorado Springs garden is helping them recover.

COLORADO SPRINGS — Every year, during powwow season, Monycka Snowbird prints fliers with tear-off tabs for Haseya Advocate Program, a Colorado Springs-based nonprofit that serves Native American women who have suffered domestic abuse or sexual assault. She hopes to find only one or two tabs pulled by the end of each event, but often most […] […]