ARE WORMS GOOD FOR THE GARDEN? Why You Should Create a Worm-Friendly Garden

  CLICK HERE TO ORDER LIVE WORMS ONLINE Are Worms Good For Your Garden?  YES! Worms can be very beneficial to your garden. Nutrient-dense, rich garden soil is crucial to a successful vegetable garden. Healthy soil may include plenty of underground animal & plant activity, such as earthworms and fungi. Worms effortlessly increase the quality […] […]

Green Umbrella helps secure the city’s future in urban agriculture

This month, Green Umbrella’s Greater Cincinnati Food Policy Council announced that the long-awaited Urban Agriculture Zoning Ordinance has finally passed in the City of Cincinnati. With this legislation comes increased freedom for residents and communities to take their food security into their own hands. The Greater Cincinnati Food Policy Council is a formal initiative of […] […]

Join the Newest Organic Gardening Group on Facebook!

➡️ JOIN our NEW FB GROUP! ✅ “Urban Organic Gardeners” Post YOUR practical container gardening tips and encourage others to grow their own food. Share your gardening pictures, tips, or questions today. 🤗See you there! 💪Let’s build this community! 👨‍🌾 JOIN TODAY: […]

How to Build Hugelkultur Beds and Why You Need Them

The concept of a permaculture garden is to provide long-term solutions that maximize outputs and minimize inputs while cycling energy and resources through the system. This creates closed-loop efficiency within your system and prevents excess waste. In fact, one of permaculture’s most favored sayings is ‘there’s no such thing as waste, just things in the […] […]

You Can Now Compost Your Loved Ones, Rather Than Bury Them in a Coffin, in Washington State

Traditional burial, in a coffin, takes a huge toll on the environment. Every year Americans cut down 4 million acres of hardwood forest to bury our dead. Once our bodies are “preserved” and sealed into wooden or metal caskets, they are buried in vast fields of granite tombstones, along with nearly a million gallons of […] […]

10 Uses For Eggshells In The Garden

Whenever I cook or use up the eggs that are in my refrigerator, I always make sure to save the shells so that I can use them again for one of these many garden-specific applications. It doesn’t seem to take long to accumulate a huge baking sheet of eggshells that I can then bake to […] […]

11 Essential Fall Planting Tips

1. At the nursery: Buy the best Look for plants that have healthy foliage and no roots creeping out of the nursery container’s bottom drain holes (which means they’re probably rootbound). 2. Small is smarter When you have a choice, buy little plants (in 4-inch nursery pots); they’re less expensive (usually under $5), easier to […] […]

Can Maggots Fix Singapore’s Food Waste Problem?

“SINGAPORE — IT’S HARD not to miss the giant black flies that flit within the white net enclosures at Insectta, Singapore‘s first licensed insect farm. The swarm of flies looks like something from the start of the apocalypse, but these flying insects are not here to mark humanity’s downfall – in fact, they may be […] […]

Help Support Nicaragua’s Education Farm & Nutrition Kitchen

HELP SUPPORT THIS PROJECT “Since moving to Nicaragua, a day doesn’t go by when we bite into produce grown here and taste the bitter flavor of chemicals. The use of these chemicals goes back generations. This, along with a changing climate and five years of drought has had a devastating impact on the environment, depleted […] […]

Meet The Composters on Bikes!

Let Us Compost is a curbside composting service for homes, businesses and events. They started in 2012 with one truck and this year they began picking up by bike. They currently pick up from over 170 homes and businesses. Customers are given a bucket, kitchen pail and biodegradable bags when they sign up and simply place their […] […]