Reinventing Food One Shipping Container at a Time

“The low-slung building on Evans Avenue with the greenhouse roof blends into the surroundings in an uninspiring stretch of Denver, all nondescript retail and pockets of ranch homes. It’s a hydroponic farm, run by partners Jake Olson and Lauren Brettschneider. The produce is all on tables at waist height, and the plumbing is subtle and […] […]

Urban Farming Organization Visualizes a Franchise Model to Produce Fresh Fish and Vegetables

“On a cool September morning, Dre Taylor dodged raindrops while talking with several people tending beans, peppers, tomatillos, collards and more outside of a 4,500-square-foot building. This is Nile Valley Aquaponics, a vibrant fixture in Kansas City, Missouri’s urban core. The name came from Egypt where people cultivated plants and fish thousands of years ago. […] […]

9 QUICK GROWING Cool-Season Veggies

Curious as to what you should be planting before your first fall frost gets here? Take a look at these 9 cool-season veggies that you can start now, and enjoy in 60 days or less! Carrots, Spinach, Green Onions, Radishes, Lettuce, Kale, Mustard Greens, Swiss Chard & Mizuna! Carrots are an annual cool-season crop, half-hardy […] […]

Get Seeds Delivered Every Month To Your Doorstep!

Grow a garden all-year-round OR collect seeds to create your own personal seed bank. Sign-Up Today to Join the Club! […]

Dubai gets the world’s largest vertical farm — for an international airport

“When passengers board their flights at Dubai International Airport, most are served in-flight meals that include salads or greens atop sandwiches. These crops usually come from traditional, outdoor farms in the United Arab Emirates. By 2020, flights taking off from the airport will serve greens and herbs grown from a more high-tech source. Emirates Flight […] […]

7 Tips for A Better Summer Garden

Summer has arrived and for a lot of us, that means long, hot days in the garden. Before you get too exhausted or overwhelmed, consider these 7 easy tips for having a beautiful and happy summer garden. STEP 1 – BE WISE WITH YOUR WATERMake sure to keep your garden beds cool and moist by adding plenty […] […]

Hydroponics Guide: Learn To Grow Plants Without Soil 2018

“Hydroponics is the art/science of growing plants in a soil-free environment. Historically, hydroponics isn’t that new. In fact, there are many ancient records of people using the concept of hydroponics to grow plants. One such important record is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which is considered one of the Wonders of the Ancient World. In Babylon, […] […]

Urban farm coming to former Sparrows Point steel mill site in Baltimore County

“A former Baltimore County steel mill is going green, as a Chicago-based urban farming operation looks to transform a portion of the former Sparrows Point site into a large greenhouse. Gotham Greens is opening a 100,000-square-foot hydroponic greenhouse at Tradepoint Atlantic, the massive redevelopment project planned for Sparrows Point, according to a news release.” Read […] […]

Strange Ways To Use 30 Most Common Household Things In Your Garden!

Learn 30 Things That Can Make Your Garden Better! 1. Cardboard and Newspapers Must you have cardboards and newspapers? Do you know you can use them in your garden? From putting them into the compost to suppressing weeds or this DIY newspaper seed starter, there are many ways. Find out more cardboard uses here! 2. Wine […] […]

82 Sustainable Gardening Tips

1. I use an old plastic mesh bag to round up leftover slivers of soap. I rubber-band the bag so it’s tight and hang it next to the hose. The combo of the slightly abrasive bag and the soap scrubs off garden dirt. — Irene, Washington 2. I make row covers out of tomato cages, old rebar […] […]