How to grow vegetables without a backyard

Living in an apartment, I long for a backyard where I can have sprawling planter beds, fruit trees and giant pots of flowers. I don’t have to put those dreams on hold entirely, though. With a container garden, I can make use of what little outdoor space I have to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs. […] […]

66 Inspired small gardens for houses and apartments

Inspired small gardens for houses and apartments Many people have the desire to own a green area in their residence, so the small gardens have taken up space in the area of decorating and landscaping. To make a beautiful garden does not take many expenses, simply organize the essential items in stages and have a […] […]

Mosquitoes Hate These Plants. Grow Them In Your Home

Scientists have already proven that mosquitoes choose their victims according to their body odor, and they are most fond of pregnant women and people with slightly higher body temperature. In addition, they also attract the smell of sweat, and some people simply have no luck with mosquitoes because they have a smell that draws them […] […]

How About This Self-Sufficient Garden Pool Farm?

When Dennis and Danielle McClung bought a foreclosed home in Mesa, Ariz., in 2009, their new yard featured a broken, empty. Instead of spending a small fortune to repair and fill it, Dennis had a far more prescient idea: He built a plastic cap over it and started growing things inside. Thus, with help from […] […]

Cram More Into Your City Vegetable Garden!

Make the most of your space by choosing quick growers like lettuce, radishes or beets instead, vegetables that offer high yields or repeat harvests such as zucchini or chard, or high-value herbs. Space-saving forms of fruits such as cordon or step-over forms of apple and pear, cane fruits such as raspberry and, of course, compact […] […]

Gardening Made Easy With Straw Bales!

Image credit: Ruth Temple @ Flickr Gardening can be tricky even when you are graced with good soil, but what if you’re dealing with unpleasant growing conditions? Or does the very idea of endless weeding give you a backache? Starting a straw bale garden this spring may be the answer to all your gardening prayers. This method of gardening […] […]

Stackable pottery that helps you turn your household food waste into fresh produce. [KICKSTARTER]

Compottery is a simple solution for reducing household food waste while growing fresh produce. This happens through a process called Vermicomposting. What is Vermicomposting? Vermicomposting is the process of transforming organic waste into fertil… […]

Pet-Friendly Indoor Gardening

Houseplants make a wonderful addition to our home’s décor and improve the indoor air quality.  Those with pets, however, may struggle with keeping plants safe from curious pets and the pets safe from indoor greenery. The good news is you can grow an indoor garden even when you own pets. Yes, some do love to […] […]

Grow Up to 90 Fruits and Vegetables in Your House With This Auto-Watering Indoor Garden

If you’ve always wanted to start your own herb or vegetable garden but don’t have the yard space or the “green thumb” to pull it off, there’s now another option. The OGarden Smart is an indoor gardening system that grows up to 90 plants at one time—20 of which are edible. Strawberries, celery, kale, bok […] […]

Buying Time: Extend your garden’s growing season with a cold frame

Part incubator, part greenhouse and part time machine, a cold frame is anything but cold. It’s an empty, bottomless box that protects plants from winter weather. With its hinged lid of glass or rigid plastic, a cold frame captures solar energy and converts it to radiant heat, creating a warm microclimate where plants thrive. Like […] […]