Anthracnose Disease: What Is It, [HOW TO] Prevention and Treatment

Anthracnose disease is a plant disease that affects a number of shade trees and shrubs, even ornamental plants during the growing season. Belonging to the kingdom of fungi, Anthracnose disease is generally common in the eastern parts of the United States. It was identified in 1875 in Germany. Since then, it has spread all around […] […]

Urban farm bounties benefit cancer patients

“MURRAY — Brent Ottley drives a truck that gathers produce from the Green Urban Lunch Box farm and a bunch of unused backyard gardens across the Salt Lake valley, then delivers it to seniors and others in need of freshly picked food. On Thursday, the recipients were cancer patients, and proper nutrition — particularly from […] […]

How To Identify and Prevent Mosaic Virus in Your Garden

WHAT ARE MOSAIC VIRUSES? “Mosaic viruses are plant viruses that cause the leaves to have a speckled appearance.” –wiki HOW TO IDENTIFY MOSAIC VIRUSES AND DAMAGE: Yellow, white or green spots on foliage Wrinkled or curled leaves Yellowing of veins in leaves Reduced yields or stunted growth “Warty”, or mottled fruit HOW TO CONTROL & PREVENT MOSAIC VIRUSES: There […] […]