Lessons Learned from My Year-Long 100% Homegrown and Foraged Food Challenge

It’s the dream of millions of people: To live off the land and to never need to make a trip to the grocery store. But for nearly everyone with that dream, it’s just that — a dream. Our current global, industrial food system is just too convenient and easy to resist. Our modern lives are […] […]

How to grow a forest in your backyard | Shubhendu Sharma (TED TALK)

Forests don’t have to be far-flung nature reserves, isolated from human life. Instead, we can grow them right where we are — even in cities. Eco-entrepreneur and TED Fellow Shubhendu Sharma grows ultra-dense, biodiverse mini-forests of native species in urban areas by engineering soil, microbes and biomass to kickstart natural growth processes. Follow along as […] […]

One-Acre Permaculture Garden Feeds 50 Families

One-acre garden provides fruit, veggies and eggs for 50 families with very little labor More and more people are learning growing food doesn’t have to be hard work. When you work with nature instead of against it, it does much of the work for you. It’s called permaculture. While permaculture gardens require a year or […] […]

We’re on SNAPCHAT! [Let’s Get Snapping]

We want to be where our fans and fellow gardeners are, so we’ve headed over to snapchat and created an account! We hope you’ll share all of your awesome gardening successes/tips/and learning experiences with us over there. Let’s be friends! Just use the snap code below to quickly and easily add us and see more great […] […]

The “Gangsta Gardener” Who Believes REAL Masculinity Is About Being a Conscious Citizen of the Planet

“Los Angeles-based ‘gangsta gardener’ and community leader Ron Finley is determined to redefine ‘gangsta’ as being about building thriving communities, not machismo.” “Gardening is gangsta: Mother Nature is gangsta. Being educated, creative and self-sustaining is gangsta. That whole concept was about turning a negative into a positive. If you want to be gangsta about anything, […] […]

Urban farm plants roots near Las Vegas Strip, partners with local chefs

Near the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll soon find a hydroponic farm taking up a 3 acre parcel of land. The project will be called “Urban Seed”, and it will provide fresh produce to local chefs near The Strip.  Chefs in the area will have a choice of over 20+ varieties of herbs and vegetables to harvest […] […]

It’s an unexpected romance: Real Estate Developers and Urban Farmers

Source: citylab.com   At the Stack House Apartments in Seattle’s now-trendy South Lake Union neighborhood, residents can walk out onto a terrace and pluck a tomato right off the vine. In the South Bronx, an 8,000-square-foot hydroponic greenhouse atop an affordable housing development is creating jobs and food for the residents below—along with cooler summers […] […]

This 82 year old man, maintains a garden of 1,000 fruit and vegetable plants in buckets

This post is originally from commercialappeal.com Some people are happy with a patio tomato on the porch. Willie Anderson, 82, took container gardening to another level; he planted tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, okra, squash, peppers and eggplants in five-gallon plastic buckets in his yard in Red Banks, Mississippi. He now has plants in more than 1,000 […] […]

Stockton Urban Garden Provides Fresh Produce In Poor Communities

This post is originally from capradio.org An urban farm in Stockton may serve as a model for the Central Valley. The non-profit group “Puentes” built the Boggs Tract Community Garden on a three-acre plot in a poor neighborhood where garbage had piled up for years. Puentes Director Jeremy Terhune says the organic garden allows more […] […]

St. Luke’s Hospital sends all new moms home from the hospital with a basket of fresh produce …

Post/content/images are from CivilEats.com – and – anderson.slhn.org Are Hospital Farms the Next Big Thing in Healthcare Reform? When it comes to improving the food on today’s hospital trays, some medical institutions are finding that onsite farms are the next logical step. By Jodi Helmer on July 21, 2015 This summer, St. Luke’s Hospital started […] […]