Florida Lifts Ban on Front-Yard Vegetable Gardens

Florida passes law saying cities can’t stop people from growing food on their own property, even in their front yards. State lawmakers in Florida have told cities they must respect citizens’ property rights, and seemingly even more basic right to grow their own food. They just passed a bill “prohibiting local governments from regulating vegetable gardens on […] […]

Save bees by holding back on the mowing, gardeners urged

Gardeners should leave at least a strip of their lawn un-mowed this summer to help halt the decline in bees, experts have said. Perfectly manicured grass is depriving the crucial pollinating insects of the wildflowers they need to feed on, according to the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH). A major study by the organization, […] […]

Florida Senate bill that could usher more beds of beets revives home rule debate

More mushrooms? A proposed bill in the Florida Senate could usher in more beds of beets at homes statewide by barring local governments from regulating vegetable gardens. It would create a Catch-22 for cities such as Orlando, where city officials bristle at preemptive moves from Tallahassee and are looking to expand urban agriculture. City officials […] […]

Loosened Restrictions Could Bring More Urban Farms

-Chattanooga city officials recently approved an ordinance that makes it easier for residents to establish urban farms within city limits.- “From the front, D.B. Reisen’s home looks no different than any other lining Davidson Road. Step out back, however, and you’ll find a dozen chickens clustered in a shed, 15 sheep grazing under the protection […] […]

Grow a Fall/Winter Garden! Join the Monthly Seed Club, TODAY!

ORDER BEFORE 11:59 PM PST November 4th to receive a shipment THIS MONTH! https://urbanorganicgardener.cratejoy.com/ Grow food ALL-YEAR-ROUND with us! Now is the perfect time to start stockpiling seeds for your fall, winter and even early spring gardens!All of our seed club members will be receiving varieties that are perfect for growing during the cooler months. […] […]

We’re on SNAPCHAT! [Let’s Get Snapping]

We want to be where our fans and fellow gardeners are, so we’ve headed over to snapchat and created an account! We hope you’ll share all of your awesome gardening successes/tips/and learning experiences with us over there. Let’s be friends! Just use the snap code below to quickly and easily add us and see more great […] […]

The Most Surprising Little Urban Farm in L.A. Is on a Mar Vista Side Street

“Walk north past the Mar Vista Post Office along Grand View Boulevard and enter a tree-lined, residential street. Less than a block in, on the street’s west side, you’ll find a red ranch house surrounded by wooden furniture, an elliptical driveway, and a wooden stand with a blackboard menu that reads, “Take as many as […] […]

Giving Away Food for Free at the “FoodIsFree Laneway”

Who else thinks every community should have something like the Food Is Free Laneway Ballarat? […]

Start Planning Your Fall and Winter Gardens NOW!

Now is the time to start planting seeds for your fall/winter gardens. Let our Garden Guru’s hand select popular heirloom, GMO-FREE varieties for you to start each month, customized to your location and grow zone! (Think frost hardy crops or varieties that can be grown indoors such as sprouts, lettuces, leafy greens and MORE!) Sign […] […]

Judge Rules Government Can Ban Vegetable Gardens Because They’re ‘Ugly’ ( UPDATE!!! )

It may come as a surprise to most of the people who grow vegetable in their garden, that in the US, it is illegal! At least, that’s what a case in Miami has brought to public light. Bear in mind that we are talking about the front yard, which in the view of the State, […] […]