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Create an Organized Home Apothecary

Choose Herbs That Meet Your Needs The most important place to begin with any home apothecary is to accurately assess your home health care needs. If you know your family will need winter health support, then herbs to strengthen immunity will be the place to start. If you have a tendency to get colds that […] […]

Could dirt be the answer to treating PTSD?

A new study from the University of Colorado Boulder found a certain type of bacteria in the soil helps reduce stress and overall, could make you happier. Previous studies around the world have come to similar conclusions, but CU’s research may be the first step to a stress immunization for first responders and soldiers. “What we’d […] […]

Could Dandelion “Weeds” Kill Cancer Cells & Leave Healthy Cells Intact?

Those yellow dots that “litter” your otherwise “perfectly green” lawn are more than just pesky weeds. Dandelion has been considered a valuable food and medicine in both Eastern and Western culture for thousands of years and is now being researched for it’s cancer-fighting abilities. The use of the dandelion plant in both Greek and Chinese […] […]

Study: Eating Mushrooms Twice a Week Dramatically Reduces Cognitive Decline

A new study found people who ate mushrooms at least twice a week were half as likely to develop mild cognitive impairment. Mild cognitive impairment is the stage between the expected cognitive decline of normal aging and the more serious decline of dementia. It can cause problems with memory, language, attention and locating objects. For […] […]

Study: Sniffing Rosemary Improves Memory

The smell of rosemary enhances our ability to recall past events and remember what to do in the future studies find. For one recent study, researchers from Northumbria University placed 150 healthy senior citizens in rooms which had been infused with either rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil, or no scent at all, and then tested […] […]

Women Who Surround Themselves With Plants Live Longer

We like to surround ourselves with friends, pets, fresh air, and sunshine, but have you ever considered the benefits of plants? According to some new research, living in the midst of healthy vegetation has proven to significantly extend one’s life expectancy. Research coming directly out of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health as well […] […]

Keto Garden – Easy Low Carb Vegetables You Can Grow At Home!

One thing you may have noticed about a plant-based diet – it’s expensive!  Growing your own Keto garden and these five low-carb vegetables can save money while providing you with fresh, local produce for your family.  After all, you can’t get more local and fresh than your own backyard!  Tips for growing in container-growing, too, […] […]

Gardening for just 10 minutes a week can cut risk of death, study suggests

Walking or gardening for just 10 minutes per week could cut the risk of death, new research suggests. Even low levels of physical activity are linked to a reduced chance of dying from cancer, cardiovascular disease and other illnesses, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The researchers said spending […] […]

How gardening may be helping people live longer

Gardening saved Mary Lou Heard’s life. In the 1970s, Heard, who would later become known as Orange County’s patron saint of cottage gardens, went through a divorce that was so devastating she was hospitalized. On the grounds of the hospital, there was a small neglected garden. Mary Lou got down on her hands and knees […] […]