Homeless veterans use urban gardening to heal invisible wounds

These veterans in Indiana are helping the homeless by gardening to help heal invisible wounds. WTHR.com: INDIANAPOLIS — For 22 years, an Indianapolis U.S. Army veteran risked everything for this country. “No one forced me to join the military,” said Craig Browder. “I did it because I wanted to protect people. At a young age, […] […]

Research Brief: Urban gardening and its positive impact on the emotional wellbeing of residents

As urban areas strive to enhance their residents’ quality of life, research from the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs shows that access to gardening could have a profound effect on a person’s emotional wellbeing and help address sustainable development goals. “It’s important to remember that more than 50% of the world’s population […] […]

Gardening resources to help seniors improve quality of life

Gardening is an activity relished by thousands of Australians of all ages, offering physical activity, skill development, interaction with nature, and all the mental health benefits that come from pottering about in the garden. When it comes to seniors, gardening can become a well-loved hobby in retirement and a way to connect with a network […] […]

Princeton Study Finds That Home Gardening Makes You Happier

As the sunlight begins shining through the spring showers which bring May flowers, we know that summer is on its way. Although most of the world has been confined to their homes during this global pandemic, stories of the unique ways people are combating the physical isolation associated with staying at home have flooded social […] […]

Gardening boosts your mood as much as some types of exercise, study finds

In recent weeks, public health experts have warned that the coronavirus pandemic could have a devastating effect on mental health. In the United States, rates of anxiety and depression are rising. Dread and confusion pervade everyday life. From a mental health standpoint, strict lockdown rules mean that many of the activities we derive joy and […] […]

Urban Gardening: 10 Air-Purifying Plants To Keep Your Home Free Of Toxins

Since we’re all stuck at home trying to improve our health and immune system, it is important to keep the air in our homes clean. There are several ways to purify the air at home, but one option that is both natural and affordable is to use air-purifying plants to keep your house clear of […] […]

Gardening improves the look of things

A vegetable garden can improve your health. A beautiful flower garden can improve the look of your home. But the mere act of planting and tending a garden can improve the way you look at things. After a few hours spent planting, weeding or pruning, most people have a more positive outlook, despite suffering a […] […]

Backyard gardening can help relieve ‘stay at home’ stress

Everyone, at some point, feels some cabin fever during ‘stay at home’ orders due to COVID-19. Whether working from home or making sure the kids are doing their school work — or both — being in the same, confined space can make anyone feel claustrophobic. Experts say a lot of people are fighting those feelings by […] […]

Gardening can boost your confidence, self-esteem and body image, a new study has found

According to a new study, gardening can increase our confidence, improve our self-esteem and boost our appreciation of our bodies. This confirms what we already know about gardening being the perfect activity to get us through the current social distancing regulations. The research, conducted by Anglia Ruskin University, looked specifically at allotment gardening. 84 allotment […] […]

The therapeutic value of the garden in trying times

If someone were to say I must self-isolate in the garden for the next few weeks, I would shake him or her by the hand. If I could. Here’s a thumbs up from a distance of six feet or more. The neighborhood sidewalks and nature trails are thronged with the cabin-fevered, so what better place […] […]