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4 WHEATGRASS JUICE RECIPES to detox your body and boost your nutrition. [INFO-GRAPHIC]

Ready to make one of these nutrient-packed drink recipes yourself? Learn how to grow wheatgrass at home, *WITHOUT SOIL*! Click here to purchase organic wheatgrass berries   […]

How To Easily Grow Your Own Healthy Wheatgrass At Home

Growing your own wheatgrass at home is easy and fun to do! There are a lot of different methods on how to do this, but below we are going to share with you some of our favorites! There are both soil and soil-less methods, so choose which will work best for you. Before you get […] […]

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Year Round Veggie Gardening Tips [Info-Graphic]

Just in time for spring planting is this cool infographic on veggie gardening from my friends at The Spigot. We gardeners are visual people, so I always love graphics like this one. Remember to check with your local County Extension Office for a more … […]

Cut the Crap: Making Your Own Fertilizers is Easier Than You Think!

“Making your own natural fertilizers is a safe and effective way to grow a lush, chemical-free garden. Since there are multiple options for DIY natural fertilizers, you may want to experiment with different formulations in different areas of the garden. For example, you could try compost tea for acid-loving plants, fireplace ashes for plants that […] […]

Grow an indoor herb garden: easily, sustainably and veganically

Indoor herb gardening is growing in popularity by the day. Space-stretched city-dwellers, foodies, and even people with big gardens are filling their kitchen windowsills with potted herbs. There are so many benefits and almost no drawbacks. It’s cheaper, tastier and also possible to grow unusual and forgotten plants…yarrow or lovage, anyone? In this little guide, […] […]

From the Ground to the Table: Community Supported Agriculture

“CSAs benefit consumers by providing them with fresh, local produce at a reasonable price. As our lives get busier, it only gets harder to make time for thoughtful grocery shopping, where you try to get a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables. Eliminating that task is a big time-saver. The unexpected benefit of using a […] […]


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All About Planting Tomatoes! [INFO-GRAPHIC]

Sun, Soil, Light, Pests & Timing Sun: Tomatoes need lots of sun, so be sure to pick a spot without too much shade. Water: Give your tomatoes about two inches of water every week all season, and give them extra water in the first few weeks. Soil: Tomatoes do best in loamy, acidic soil, and it’s a great idea to plant them […] […]