An urban farm grows in Los Angeles. You can be a part of it.

Finding the Avenue 33 Farm is a serious challenge. Plug the address into GPS and you end up on a steep residential street packed with older, neatly landscaped homes. To the west, downtown L.A. fills the horizon and, to the south, your destination looks like a modest home with a slightly scruffy front yard and […] […]

Urban Gardening 101: How to Deal with Contaminated Soil

Urban soils are particularly prone to contamination. 50 years ago, your yard could have belonged to a farmer, who, perhaps not knowing any better, disposed of old bottles of anti-freeze or contaminated diesel in a hole out behind the tractor garage. Or perhaps the remains of a fallen down outbuilding, long ago coated in lead-based […] […]

Oakland Museum Digs Into Urban Farming

With “everything from Alice Waters to Cesar Chavez,” to learn about local agricultural history, a new Oakland exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California that explores the rich topic of local farming is “only going to be a tasting menu,” says Sarah Seiter, the museum’s associate curator of natural sciences. That means Take Root: Oakland […] […]

The Most Surprising Little Urban Farm in L.A. Is on a Mar Vista Side Street

“Walk north past the Mar Vista Post Office along Grand View Boulevard and enter a tree-lined, residential street. Less than a block in, on the street’s west side, you’ll find a red ranch house surrounded by wooden furniture, an elliptical driveway, and a wooden stand with a blackboard menu that reads, “Take as many as […] […]

The “Gangsta Gardener” Who Believes REAL Masculinity Is About Being a Conscious Citizen of the Planet

“Los Angeles-based ‘gangsta gardener’ and community leader Ron Finley is determined to redefine ‘gangsta’ as being about building thriving communities, not machismo.” “Gardening is gangsta: Mother Nature is gangsta. Being educated, creative and self-sustaining is gangsta. That whole concept was about turning a negative into a positive. If you want to be gangsta about anything, […] […]

The Urban Farming Revolution / TEDx Talk

“Jesse DuBois is an urban agriculturalist. He moved to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter, but instead got caught up in reshaping the food system. He is the CoFounder and currently serves as the Chief Eclectic Officer for two start-ups: Farmscape, an urban farming maintenance company, and Agrisaurus, a web-based polyculture gardening assistant. Horticulturally, he […] […]

CropSwap – A New App That Lets You Trade Fruits and Vegetables, Locally!

“In this episode, you will get a tour of the front yard and back yard of this residential tract home lot. You will discover what is growing and John will share his tips and tricks along the way. You will learn how you can improve how you are growing in raised beds to grow more […] […]

Help Save The Urban Garden that Changed the World

“The garden was beautiful,” Finley said teary eyed, “and then someone complained.”  The city threatened him to remove the garden and put out a warrant for his arrest. The LA Times picked up the story, which prompted a petition, which prompted the city to change its zoning laws. The garden grew and thrived. In 2011, the owner of […] […]

Garden in East LA Helps Gardeners Connect with their Roots

With the sound of busy free-ways near by, this community gathers at the Boyle Heights Urban Garden to find peace and relaxation.  At the Mott Street Urban Farm, there is a school garden, and room for community members to garden in their own plots. People of all ages, and all income levels come together to do one […] […]

UC Berkeley’s student-run garden offers urban oasis

This post/content/images are from by Alix Wall/Bay Area Bites Whenever UC Berkeley student Sara Cate Jones has felt the blues coming on, she’s relied on the same remedy: she goes to the student garden on the corner of Walnut and Virginia streets and picks herself a bouquet of flowers. “The garden is always here […] […]