Tips For Keeping Rabbits Out Of Your Garden

Sometimes it’s better to see a pest problem as the normal way nature enters and adapts to a particular niche in the environment created by things like availability of food, cover, and absence of predators. Animals don’t appear magically on the scene for no reason, they simply exploit available food resources and habitat. Once we […] […]


It’s possible to help reduce mosquito populations around your house without using nasty chemicals. Did you know that dragonflies are the biggest predators of mosquitos and can eat hundreds of them a day? This makes them a great addition to your garden and the safest natural pest control. They keep the mosquito population in check. […] […]

10 Effective Ways To Protect Your Garden From Birds

So spring has arrived, and you’re feeling accomplished! You carefully transplant your young plants out into the garden and sow your seeds into the soil.  Days later you come out to find all of your newly planted crops have disappeared! Birds have been eating away at your tiny seedlings faster than they could grow, which […] […]

Easiest Way to Control Aphid & Whitefly Pests without Insecticide

“John from shares with the easiest way he has discovered to rid his vegetable plants of aphids and whiteflies without using any insecticide. In this episode, you will learn about how a Ryobi tool on clearance can be used to remove aphids and other soft-bodied insects from your plants. You will learn how the […] […]

Los Angeles County Halts Use of Roundup Until Safety Risks Can Be Determined

Shortly after a California court linked glyphosate, the herbicide in the popular weed killer Roundup, to a plaintiff’s cancer, Los Angeles County officials ordered a moratorium on that same weed killer, citing a need for further research on the herbicide’s safety risks. “I am asking county departments to stop the use of this herbicide until […] […]

Portland’s ban on synthetic pesticides goes into effect

As snowbanks recede and temperatures inch higher, Mainers’ minds will inevitably turn to green lawns and lush gardens. But Portlanders need to think twice before picking up that bottle of Roundup or bag of weed and feed. Beginning this year, the use of synthetic pesticides is prohibited in Maine’s largest city, unless an emergency waiver […] […]

How the humble marigold outsmarts a devastating tomato pest

Scientists have revealed for the first time the natural weapon used by marigolds to protect tomato plants against destructive whiteflies. Researchers from Newcastle University’s School of Natural and Environmental Sciences carried out a study to prove what gardeners around the world have known for generations — marigolds repel tomato whiteflies. Publishing their findings today (1 […] […]

Can Maggots Fix Singapore’s Food Waste Problem?

“SINGAPORE — IT’S HARD not to miss the giant black flies that flit within the white net enclosures at Insectta, Singapore‘s first licensed insect farm. The swarm of flies looks like something from the start of the apocalypse, but these flying insects are not here to mark humanity’s downfall – in fact, they may be […] […]

The Other Monsanto Chemical Bayer Investors Should Watch

“Some Bayer AG investors were surprised to learn about the thousands of farmers lining up before U.S. courts to argue that Roundup — the blockbuster weedkiller the German company recently acquired when it bought Monsanto Co. — had given them cancer. But Roundup is hardly the only chemical in Monsanto’s portfolio carrying legal risks. There […] […]

4 Trap Plants You Can Grow To Help Control Pests

Controlling insects in the garden may seem like a never ending battle for some, but have you ever considered that fixing the problem may be as simple as just planting a few “sacrificial crops” for the problematic bugs to feast on instead of your prized fruits or vegetables? Planting a variety of “trap plants” will […] […]