Can Maggots Fix Singapore’s Food Waste Problem?

“SINGAPORE — IT’S HARD not to miss the giant black flies that flit within the white net enclosures at Insectta, Singapore‘s first licensed insect farm. The swarm of flies looks like something from the start of the apocalypse, but these flying insects are not here to mark humanity’s downfall – in fact, they may be […] […]

The Other Monsanto Chemical Bayer Investors Should Watch

“Some Bayer AG investors were surprised to learn about the thousands of farmers lining up before U.S. courts to argue that Roundup — the blockbuster weedkiller the German company recently acquired when it bought Monsanto Co. — had given them cancer. But Roundup is hardly the only chemical in Monsanto’s portfolio carrying legal risks. There […] […]

4 Trap Plants You Can Grow To Help Control Pests

Controlling insects in the garden may seem like a never ending battle for some, but have you ever considered that fixing the problem may be as simple as just planting a few “sacrificial crops” for the problematic bugs to feast on instead of your prized fruits or vegetables? Planting a variety of “trap plants” will […] […]

17 Common Diseases of Leafy Vegetables: Photos, Prevention, and Treatment

“Diseases of leafy vegetables can cause devastating effects to your crop. They can completely kill your crop or significantly reduce its quality, which means that you can incur great losses if one of the diseases strikes your garden. Just in case you didn’t know, leafy vegetables refer to crops such as: collard green, kale, cabbage, […] […]

We’re on SNAPCHAT! [Let’s Get Snapping]

We want to be where our fans and fellow gardeners are, so we’ve headed over to snapchat and created an account! We hope you’ll share all of your awesome gardening successes/tips/and learning experiences with us over there. Let’s be friends! Just use the snap code below to quickly and easily add us and see more great […] […]

What’s Eating My Plants? [Info-Graphic]

To learn more visit: ““ […]

How To Get Rid of Common Garden Pests

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Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can quickly ruin the enjoyment of your outdoor garden experience. Ordinary repellents are full of nasty chemicals that you probably don’t want to put onto your family, and bug zappers are annoying. It also can be debated, how effective candles or incense really is. The threat of contracting a disease from a mosquito is very […] […]