BACK TO EDEN GARDENING – Learn how to grow a vegetable garden!

“Back to Eden shares the story of Paul Gautschi and his lifelong journey walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive organic gardening methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden. The food growing system that has resulted from Paul Gautschi’s incredible experiences has […] […]

Hospital’s Rooftop Garden Provides 7000 Pounds of Organic Veggies a Year for Patients

High above the Boston Medical Center grows a bountiful organic vegetable garden that feeds patients, staff and the poor. More than a hundred volunteers tend the garden, which includes kale, collard greens, bok choy, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, beans, squash and a wide variety of herbs. The crops are grown in organic soil in recycled […] […]

Anxiety and depression: why doctors are prescribing gardening rather than drugs

Spending time in outdoors, taking time out of every day to surround yourself with greenery and living things can be one of life’s great joys – and recent research also suggests it’s good for your body and your brain. Scientists have found that spending two hours a week in nature is linked to better health […] […]

Chicago urban farm collective provides network for food security, social justice

<CHICAGO (WLS) — At sites throughout the city, the women-owned farms of Urban Growers Collective are providing a vehicle for social justice and food security through urban farming and gardening. “We farm and use farming as a way to creat… […]

Explore Sprouting Crops at an Urban Farm on Randall’s Island

Rice paddies in New York City? You will find them among the 40,000-square feet of urban farm that stretched across the southern end of Randall’s Island. Along with the boasting the only rice paddies in New York City (there are four), the Urban Farm at Randall’s Island also has 100 raised beds, two greenhouses, an outdoor […] […]

Urban farms are sprouting up all over NYC

September has hit New York, and that means the air is getting cooler, the subways are getting slightly less sweaty and we can all resume arguing whether pumpkin-flavored things are good. It’s the time of year that makes us start thinking of farm life, getting the flannel out of the closet and hitting a hayride. […] […]

Fresh Fest shows just how charming is urban farming

Growing a food oasis On Saturday, Sept. 7, Fresh Fest Cleveland 2019 celebrated agriculture, entrepreneurship, and the arts at popular Rid-All Farm and Otter Park. Fresh Fest visitors sampled ingredients that make up healthy meals and a sustainable community. “This is primarily a place-making project,” said Kim Foreman, executive director of Environmental Health Watch, the […] […]

Sprouts vs. Microgreens – What’s The Difference?

SPROUTS: Each and every living seed will grow into a plant. It’s when that seed begins to grow (germinate) that we call the beginning growth stage of the plant a “sprout”. Oftentimes, people germinate will grow sprouts in water. To ensure that they do not get moldy, those seeds are rinsed several times a day. Sprouts […] […]

Urban-Farming Camps Have Kids Asking, Where’s the Healthy Food?

Standing between two buildings on 127th Street, a group of campers on the cusp of adolescence mulled over a change in schedule. Normally, they would spend the morning planting and gardening as part of Harlem Grown, a youth development nonprofit that uses gardening and cooking to teach and empower children in Harlem. But on this […] […]

Road Prison Grows Over 40 Tons Of Food For Inmates – Including This 134 LB Watermelon

“In the last 10 months, the Escambia County Road Prison work camp in Cantonment has produced over 40 tons of fruits, vegetables and fish used to feed inmates and save taxpayer dollars. The facility has grown over 80,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables in the last 10 months, including a 134 pound watermelon, at the […] […]