How Arlington’s Only Commercial Urban Farm Shifted To ‘Community Supported Agriculture’

Thanks to changes brought about by the pandemic, Arlingtonians can now get farm-to-table produce delivered right to their door. Tucked into an unassuming strip mall on Lee Highway, Fresh Impact — which we profiled in October — is the county’s only commercial urban farm. With no signage or disclosed address, Fresh Impact has been growing specialty ingredients […] […]

Insecticides the Pesticide Industry Said Were “Safer for Bees” Found to Stress and Kill Honey Bees

The study indicates that, “With the recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval for use of both flupyradifurone and sulfoxaflor, and with the growing concern regarding pollinator health, it is important to better understand any potential negative impacts (especially sub-lethal) of these pesticides on bees.” However, this statement begs the question ‘why these two new bee-toxic […] […]

Gardening: Even urban lots can be made to attract wildlife

What wildlife do you naturally attract into your garden? Are there any species you would like to see more of? Are there any that have proven to be pests to your crops? These past two weeks have been wonderful for wildlife watching in our neighborhood. Driving home the other evening, I saw my first mama […] […]

Urban gardens sprout in Point Loma during quarantine Read more: San Diego Community News Group – Urban gardens sprout in Point Loma during quarantine

Urban gardening has become a trend that an increasing number of San Diego residents are pursuing, especially during the pandemic. And the City is helping out, having just debuted a new website,, that provides information and assistance for those wishing to become successful urban farmers. As more people are spending time at home due to Covid-19 […] […]

Tough Times, Green Times: Harrisburg Urban Growers helps people discover their inner farmer

If you’ve driven around Harrisburg recently, you may have noticed that, in some places, things appear a bit greener. Urban gardens have begun blooming all over the city thanks to a local group whose mission is to offer gardening kits to encourage a source of healthy and sustainable food. Harrisburg Urban Growers, made up of […] […]

Peas and Quiet: Urban Gardening in the Time of Covid-19

Urban gardening has taken on a renewed relevance as the coronavirus has declared war on us from Los Angeles to New Orleans; Seattle to Saint Louis. People are reaching out to organizations far and wide about how to grow their own food for a wide array of reasons: concern about food supply chain vulnerabilities, frightened […] […]

Pandemic affects volunteering at Greener Garden Urban Farm

For Warren and Lavette Blue, they’ve always had volunteers and trainees at their farm. They’re the owners and operators of Greener Garden Urban Farm In previous years they would get an abundant amount of help with anything they needed. The volunteers would come any time they needed literally anything done. But when the pandemic hit, […] […]

How to grow tomatoes: Gardening tips and tools

While building a sandwich, have you ever thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just pluck my own tomatoes off the vine to slice up and pile on this, Ina Garten-style?” There’s no better time than now to get started with seedlings or small plants — which you can pick up at […] […]

City Launches Website to Help Prospective Urban Farmers Get Started

With more people spending time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city of San Diego launched a website Tuesday that provides information and assistance on how to become a successful “urban farmer.” Urban farming can come in many forms and sizes. It can be vegetables grown in containers on a home patio, a […] […]

New urban gardens sprout amid coronavirus, aiming to feed N.J. cities

Trenton, a city of nearly 85,000 people, contains only one full-service supermarket. It is one New Jersey’s several food deserts, where access to groceries — let alone fresh produce — is scarce. Now, as the coronavirus pandemic has provided some with more free time and plunged many more into poverty, local community groups and residents […] […]