HUDA Clinic prescribes food as medicine for uninsured Detroiters

For the first three years Babar Qadri worked as a physician assistant at the HUDA Clinic in Detroit, he says he was “just following everything I learned in medical school.” “You see a patient with high blood pressure and you give them high blood pressure medication,” says Qadri, known as “Q,” who is now attending […] […]

Philly is creating first-ever urban agriculture manifesto

Kensington residents have cultivated fresh vegetables on abandoned lots in the corner of Norris and Lawrence streets for seven years. Last year, a portion of the César Andreu Iglesias Community Garden was bought by a developer, and now the owner of the rest of the land wants to reclaim it. The garden will probably lose […] […]

Indy’s “Young Urban Gardener” off to NYC for Disney+ screening

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Austin Hurt, the “Young Urban Gardener” from Indianapolis, is now sharing his story with the world. We first introduced you to Austin two years ago, sharing his mission to feed the hungry from the food he grows in his east side garden. Now, he’s being featured in an episode on Disney+ as […] […]

Kids learn about sustainability at the Boise Urban Garden School

BOISE, Idaho — We’re going to the Boise Urban Garden School this week to meet our innovative educator. Education, sustainability, community and growth are the values at “BUGS.” Teachers serve about 10,000 kids at the school every year. The Boise Urban Garden School called “BUGS” for short — is for everyone. “We are all about […] […]

Meet the ‘plant influencers,’ millennials teaching the ways of urban gardening

‘Plants keep our souls alive,’ says Anuella Alexandre, Founder of A Green Community and one of the ‘plant influencers,’ working to keep local schools and businesses green. Roderick Johnson, the founder of Revolutionary Garden, says society is in a “food war,” battling against the chemicals and pesticides that taint our food. The mini biome, their […] […]

Urban, home gardens could help curb food insecurity, health problems

Food deserts are an increasingly recognized problem in the United States, but a new study from the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, published by Elsevier, indicates urban and home gardens — combined with nutrition education — could be a path toward correcting that disadvantage. Researchers from the University of California at San Francisco partnered […] […]

Father and Son Build 50,000 New Beehive Colonies Around the World

These two men have increased the global honeybee population by 10 percent with their invention – a hive that lets humans harvest honey without harming bees. The “Flow Hive” is a man-made bee house, that bees can’t tell apart from their own hives, that allows the honey to flow out of it without harming bees. […] […]

A documentary film project about honey bees and migratory beekeepers

The Pollinators from Demand Film on Vimeo. […]

Growing Food Security In The North

Setting up a garden in a cold climate zone is not that easy. Plants need sunlight and warmth in order to grow, so living in a cold area means you need to make an effort to have a healthy garden. Or you can just follow in the footsteps of this Yukon inventor, who created an […] […]

Boys, girls club members help run container farm

The equivalent of a 2-acre farm that grows 500 heads of lettuce a week hides inside a 40-foot-long metal box in a parking lot near the police station in downtown Troy. The container farm, as it’s called, or Freight Farm, after the Boston-based company that first introduced hydroponic growing systems in repurposed shipping containers, is […] […]