Ikea wants to help you farm in your house

Ikea doesn’t just want to sell you furniture–it also wants to sell you on sustainable living. And how best to live sustainably than to grow your own food? That’s the idea behind a new line of products the Swedish company is developing with British industrial designer Tom Dixon. Due to be announced in May 2019 […] […]

How Women Are Changing Agriculture, Despite a History of Discrimination

Women have been contributing to American agriculture (often invisibly) for centuries. Now, they’re stepping into the profession’s spotlight in a new way. When the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) surveyed more than 3,500 farmers under 40 in 2017, 60 percent of the farmer respondents were women. And in 2012, the United States Department of Agriculture […] […]

Urban farms are becoming budding business enterprises

“Urban farms cropping up all over Richmond are more than backyard gardens on steroids. Joe Jenkins and his wife, Whitney Maier, were growing more organic vegetables in raised beds in their backyard in North Richmond than they could eat, so he started taking some to his job at a restaurant to give to co-workers. The […] […]

Why You Might Want To Consider Starting Your Own Urban Garden

“The growing information about possible negative health effects caused by over-processed foods and artificial additives like artificial sweeteners has fueled interest in eating clean. Now more people are opting to eliminate artificial additives, such as flavors and preservatives, and replace them with simpler whole ingredients like fresh produce and whole grains. Watch the video above, […] […]

In Order To Find The Perfect Antidepressant: Get Your Hands Dirty While Gardening!

“There is a small bacteria called mycobacterium that people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, or other similar issues, should know all about. Scientists claim that this – and maybe other microorganisms – has a comparable positive effect on humans as pharmaceutical have. However, it is important to mention that the negative side effects, observed […] […]

Silicon Valley ‘Agrihood’ Project Combines Senior Housing and an Urban Farm

“A real estate development in the works for Silicon Valley is bringing together affordable senior housing with an urban farm, as part of the “agrihood” movement. The project exemplifies the growing trend of combining farming and senior living, as well as the trend of multi-generational housing. An agrihood places agriculture right in the midst of […] […]

Wet Weather Could Be Affecting Urban Farms’ Harvest, But Farmers Stay Positive

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Many city residents have come to rely on small urban farms to put fresh crops on their tables as they supplement what they buy at the grocery store. “Right now we’re in the fall season so we’ve got lots of greens, you’re looking at lettuces, kale, collards, mustard greens, cabbage, radishes, all […] […]

For eco-conscious city dwellers, urban agriculture is one road to real impact

“Eco-consciousness is a hot trend. It’s become a common occurrence to see shoppers with reusable grocery totes at the supermarket. Bamboo straws are flying off shelves as people opt for eco-friendly products. Urban gardening and composting, too, has taken root as consumers try to minimize their carbon footprints. These small actions are encouraging first steps, […] […]

The Apprentice viewers brand the urban gardening task the “worst” ever

“The Apprentice sent its remaining contestants into the brave new world of urban gardening in last night’s (November 14) episode, with the not-so-green-fingered candidates being asked to make London a little bit brighter. The task saw the teams set up their own urban gardening businesses, where they carried out commercial and domestic jobs for their […] […]

Here’s how local communities are turning vacant lots into thriving urban farms

“In the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, locals stroll through Greensgrow Farms. A couple picks up baby spinach and collard greens grown on site, while a few teenagers greet Milkshake, the farm’s resident pet pig. Neighbors ask each other for recipe ideas as they reach for bundles of fresh herbs. Looking in on this lively urban farm, […] […]